A primer on nuclear physics, reactor operation, and predictive modeling using Python

Figure 1. 2 Megawatt TRIGA reactor at full power. Source: me (Walker Payne)


A data-driven how-to guide on quantifying risk for portfolios with crypto exposure using Python, Modern Portfolio Theory, Sharpe Ratio, and Monte Carlo Simulations.

A graphical breakdown of Systematic vs Unsystematic risk. Diversification can reduce unsystematic risk. Source

The Problem — How Does Crypto Affect Your Portfolio Volatility?

Hands-on Tutorials

What do you mean, “just go outside and look at the deer yourself”? Was that an option?!

Bushnell trail camera image of a big beautiful buck, with Amazon Rekognition Image tags underneath.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Walker Payne

Research Engineer | Aspiring Analytics Professional

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